pH Miracle® Minerals - capsules

pH Miracle® Minerals - capsules

pH Miracle
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pH Miracle® Minerals

90 capsules

Nature has a perfect balance of macominerals, microminerals, and ultra trace minerals in the most readily usable and bioavailable form known. These foundational building blocks, found 2,000 feet below the oceans surface, are rich in glacial milk and are free from herbicides, pesticides and heavy metal contamination. They are essential for metabolism, building tissues, and maintaining the pH balanced environment of the body. 

98% of Americans are deficient in mineral and trace elements. pH Miracle Minerals contain all trace elements and minerals that will help enable every molecule in your body to have its correct molecular structure. 

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings Per Container: 90 capsules

Suggested Use: 3-6 Capsules daily with meals

Magnesium Chelate
Proprietary Trace Mineral Blend
B, Ba, Be, Bi, Br, Cl, Co, Cr, Cu, Dy, Er, Eu, Fe, Gd, Ga, Fo, I, In, La, Li, Lu, Mn, Mo, Na, Nd, Ni, P, Pr, Pt, Re, Rh, S, Sb, Sc, Se, Si, Sm, Sn, Ta, Te, Tb, Ti, Tm, V, W, Zn