"Been using PH Miracle products for over 11 years and wouldn't even consider anything else. Simply the Best!!! --Lori C."
 "Way beyond the best! There's nothing that comes close. -- Francisco M."
 " I was introduced to Inner Light and its products back in 2006. The products helped me feel great and lose about 60 lbs. The products I took were Super Greens. Prime PH. It totally helped me with my junk food cravings. I am looking to place and order. " -- Claudia D.
 "Your Sauna is everything described & more!  I love the compact size & easy zippers for hands!  Very comfortable & works great.  My system is loving the advantages. Sleeping better, feeling refreshed & my skin looks great! I prefer to warm up Sauna first, so sweating comes within minutes. 100% satisfied!" -- Heidi Partlow
 "I so love your products". -- Deena W. ❤️
"I am a very busy person and don't have much time for shopping in a grocery store. I love my morning smoothies because they are easy to prepare and also they are packed with nutrients. The most convenient way to make my healthy shakes in the morning is using iJuice powders. I have collection of them and use a different one every day. The most common iJuice products I use are: Banana, Almond, Spinach, Supergreens, Coconut, Black Currant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Guava, Kiwi and Jackfruit. I also add fresh greens when I have them and PH Miracle Hemph ProFi and Hemp Seeds. I drink alkaline water with Innerlight Supergreens and Prime pH daily and eat lots of veggies. Thank you for all the education. Based on all pH Miracle principals I change my lifestyle and feel great." - Maria D.
 "You guys are AMAZING!!! Thank you for the quick turnaround! I will absolutely be ordering more products! Thanks again!" -- Nancy A.
"I've been buying your pHour salts for some time now and appreciate that it has benefitted my digestion quite a bit. I take it every night before bedtime. I've enjoyed much less indigestion and heartburn. I intend to use it indefinitely." -- Holton P.
 "YOU ARE INCREDIBLY EFFICIENT. That is unimaginable service and efficiency - astonishing!!!" -- Michael S.
 "I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Phour Salts. I can be feeling horrible with nausea and headaches and when I take Phour salts, I feel better within 10 minutes. It’s such an amazing product. Thank you." -- Christi Smart (BS) R.T. (R)(MR)(CT)(M)
 "God bless you all for the great work that you do to help people back to the good health that is our birthright. Warm regards." - Nurit 
 " I have ordered your wonderful products over the years and want to thank you for everything you do." -- Jacque W.
 "I’ve been using Super Greens and Phour Salts for over 15 years. Never found a better substitute. -- Charlotte L. C."
 "I’ve been consuming these products since a while and I feel so good! -- Francisco J. S. F"
 "Wow, I tried the pH Miracle Phour salts this morning for the first time. I can literally feel the difference as I feel invigorated." -- Angela C.
 "Thanks and congratulations for your amazing work since so many years. The pH miracle book is a best of!!!!"-- David Giquello
 "I cannot tell you how happy I am you exist. Best shape of my life with your products.  Thank you I will order again!" -- Nichole D.
 "God bless you all for the great work that you do to help people back to the good health that is our birthright. Warm regards." --Nurit 
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 "I recommend them all, I owe them my health. -- Nurcan B."
 "I want to say that I am very pleased with the customer service that I've received from your company. I had another inquiry last week about my billing, and both times I received such quick responses—faster than any other company I've dealt with in the past. This means a lot to me, especially when the only way to contact the company is via email. So I want you to know that I really appreciate your service.
Take care! Janet C.
"I am very busy person and have no time to cook or juice. Its very easy to add a scoop of iJuice Beet to my smoothie, really helps my energy levels during the day. I also use iJuice Chlorophyll daily by mixing small amount with filtered water and adding few drops of pH Miracle Puriphy. Great products, great results. Thank you."-- Albert H.
 "I am a very loyal customer. Ordered 2 Watermark filters & referred many others for the same. I also love your supplements." -- Trisha W.
  "I moved to Germany 10 years ago and always sharing my great PH Miracle results with my friends and family. I gave this book to my friends as a gift and they all tried this program. One lady lost 10 kg in one month and her friend, who had acid reflex is completely free of pain. I am happy that I can help my friends with your educational books and lectures" -- Lina M.
 "I love the phour salts-the spots on my body diminished after one scoop!" -- Jackie W.
 "We love our WaterMark1 and use this Ionizer every day. We drink alkaline water and using it for cooking and mixing with Innerlight Supergreens and also Phour Salts. This unit is non-electrical and it can be used in case of emergency, which is very important to us. Great water filtration system. The best part is that we don't need to clean it just change filters." -- Anna K.
 "I use these personally and recommend them to my clients and have done so for years. -- Brian S. L. S. - Director of Customized Health Solutions"
 "All of the products are top quality! -- Tammy B. S. P."
 "Greetings, Just wanted to say I was very pleased with how my items were packed this time...the pH drops were rolled tight in a delivery bag & again in a cardboard roll & taped. The 1lb Innerlight Supergreens were rolled TIGHT & TAPED. Both were then packed TIGHTLY in another mailer bag.GOOD JOB -THANK YOU. I have ordered your 1lb Supergreens & pH drops since 2008. They did “Miracles” for my - up ‘ till then - 4yr massive menopausal blood loss & within 2 days the blood flow stopped !! Within about 8 wks I went from 170 lbs to 130lbs, my hair loss stopped, was thick & shiny again & within 5 yrs it’s length had grown to my tailbone again !! Now at 63 I feel the typical achey joints when I’m not consistent with these products (& too consistent consuming the wrong things). Thanks again for fulfilling God’s destiny for your life - teaching us & providing these products  - BRAVO !!" -- Dawn S.
 "Otto Warburg said cancer can't live in alkalized body. Go pH Miracle go! - Ian J."
 "Thank you ! Great customer service. Great products." -- Mary L.
 "Got the Alkaline Pitcher yesterday & I’m enjoying  the pure water very much! Sure enjoy the quality of the health products, The pH Miracle book, & the educational knowledge. Mahalo nui loa! Thank you very much. Blessings of health & happiness to everyone in the healing circle.  Aloha" -- Mark H.
 "iJuice 4Salts is my favorite! --Niki A."
 "I love your pH Miracle® pHour Salts Powder product and use it ever day and just it under 2 week send my PH go higher. I found it nice to use it after lunch or dinner to offset the food. I also use it when I am biking. Usually first thing in morning. It is also a good way to let others try it." --   Stewart H.
 "Premium quality products. Highly recommended. -- Mehmet O."
 "Your  knowledge and explanation of how the body truly functions is beyond most peoples comprehension of importance, truly mind body and spirit life-changing! 7 months ago I purchased your pH Miracle Watermark and started using pH Miracle pHour Salts, Organic Greens, Doc Broc’s Power Plants (I mix the two greens daily) & iJuice Chlorophyll. Your products are as life-changing as your information is! At 51 years of age I’ve watched my body transform over the past 7 months. If I didn’t personally experience the changes I wouldn’t believe it. Because of your recommendation I started using MasterPeace 1 month ago. I’ve experience a sharper awareness, clarity, yet a peaceful calmness. The biggest most noticeable improvement has been in my quality of sleep. I hadn’t had any problems sleeping I’ve just noticed they’ve been much more relaxing and restful. I noticed this within the first week. Thank you for your life-changing knowledge & fierce courage to spread it to all, God bless."--Yours Truly, Hamma R.
 "I really like pHour Salts product. I find I have 75% less migraines if I faithful." -- Aleta B.
 "Dear Friends at PH miracle Products. I placed this order Jun 6, 2:06 PM. It was fulfilled in a few minutes. And I received it today, June 7 at 12:02 PM. Extraordinary.  Many thanks for ALL you do. All the best." -- Jeanie M.
 "I love your Alfalfa, Soy and Broccoli Sprouts for my smoothies. Great products. I also use your iJuice Chlorophyll and Supergreens and always take them with me to my travel trips. Thank you." -- Tony R.
"Excellent for instant cure to reflux. I keep this on hand for when it flares up. It relieves it immediately. -- Susan S."
 "I am very happy to have taken your book and to have solved my diabetes, I had been trying everything for a year and a half. I finish the 21 days of liquids on Sunday. Blood sugar levels dropped significantly and returned to normal. I send you my best regards. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times." -- Bellis Emanuela
 "The PH Miracle book changed my life for the better! After reading it, I cured myself of a bacterial lung infection which set me on a path of resilient health ever since. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in being well for the rest of their life. -- Christi F."
 "The products are great! The diet is great! I am so grateful I found you and your wonderful offering to humanity and for the dedication with which your department helps me get the products I need in an easy and timely manner.
Many thanks" -- Nurit O.
 "Hello, I have been taking the Phour salts and they are great. I ordered 12 boxes from you and I'm about to order 10 more because it is so great it works for everyone and I am keep giving them out to friends and family here in the US. Thank you so much for making this available, this is a life saver, as I was on an alkaline diet but still had issues and the salts just made all my issues disappear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." -- Julia F.
 "I have been drinking the Greens since Innerlight Days- early 2000’s as a young 22 year old diagnosed with MS. It works wonders on my body. I love the way it makes me feel. I love that it is a Diuretic and it is the only thing that helps me with my chronic bladder problems. I drink 1-2 a day and have been for 17 years. I still don’t take medicine for MS. I went to a neurologist once and never went back. I try to eat alkaline the best I can. I love my green drink!! -- April T. C."
 "Thank you for all the info you put out! You are helping humanity!" -- Donna Moses
 "I started taking PH Miracle Phour Salts again last week along with the number of other things. For the first time in my life, that I can remember my Alkaline levels have been above 7.5 pH or more. Thank you Jesus." -- Louis Ragghianti
 "My husband and I love your theory on salts and frequencies, we have both are big believers in the effects frequencies have on all life bodies and share your information with anyone that will hear it. Thank you for all your heard work and willingness to share it with whosoever has an ear. Much respect" -- Albert and Jeannie Johnson

 "Some of my favorites are I juice Super Chlorophyll, 4 salts, PHlavor spray salts and the Activated Charcoal! These products along with applying New Biology have helped me lose 110 lbs and maintain vibrant health these past 9 years. The PHMIRACLE Book is my bible in Biology! DETOX, REBUILD & RENEW! You are a great blessing to the world! Thank you again! I continue to share your knowledge, in helping one at the time. – Donna G. T.”

 "Thank you for all the great health ed you do. Regards" -- Annette R.

 "All members of my family drink PH Miracle Greens with Puriphy daily for the last 3 years and we never want to be without it. We take it with us on vocation and other travel trips. We always feel energize and our urine pH is between 7 and 8 in the morning. Thank you so much for your wonderful products." -- Robert

 "Reverse Cancer Now book tells the cause of cancer, so definitely got a way to solve the problem. This a the future of our mankind. -- Cathy N. Z."

 "I’m thrilled to report that my very first order placed with you arrived safely!  Have started taking my DOC BROC GREENS and am a happy camper! Please know that I have every intention of placing more orders—for more products—with you in the not too distant future. I’m totally jazzed about how easy you made this entire ordering process.  Thank you for this wonderful service! BLESSINGS, -- Donna Marie"

 "I've been using pHour Salts product consistently now for about a decade. I never want to run out. I take about 2-3 tsp a day - one of them just before bed. It helps me sleep at night, keeps my ph balanced, and seems to help my kidneys and bladder. If I run out, my kidneys start hurting and I can't hold my urine like I can when taking this product. so grateful. I tried plain baking soda and nowhere near as healing for me. -- Vivianne"
 "Good day folks. I am truly grateful for what you people stand for, represent and do to help enlighten the masses... By all means, keep on keeping on doing the good work that you all are doing. Bless and thank you all form the bottom of my heart. J.B. 🙂
 "I drink iJuice Supergreens normally every morning. One scoop takes care of my greens for the day and one jar lasts for 40-45 days if I take it once a day. I mix it in the bottle of alkaline water from my WaterMark Ionizer, shake it and it's ready to drink. Very convenient and healthy." - Lynn G.

"I have two of THE pH MIRACLE Books, 2002 editions (not signed by Dr, Young but it's ok, one is new/mint condition, one is used) and I am still using the Supergreens powder. You guys rock!!!  Thank you, -- John H."

"Hello, about 7 years ago I went on the ph diet using supergreens and alkaline drops. I lost 30 lbs and felt the best I have in years. I'd like to do it again. Thank you, -- Monica"

"I love your super inner light greens!  -- Mary."

 "I found that Phour Salts will immediately alkalize my body, balance PH, and help hydration after having a bit to much to drink. This stuff is like a high quality electrolyte as well. When I drink a bit too much alcohol and wake in the night thirsty and only drink water, I just pee it out again. Drinking Phour Salts immediately quenches my thirst, and slows my heart rate (due to hydration), relieves my headache. All my friends have been buying it as well. Truly an amazing discovery!!! -- Ez"

 "Thank you, all of you, for all you do to help us stay safe and healthy! Thank you." -- Marjorie C.

 "Love The PH Miracle book--went out and bought ph strips-checking out the ph on everything. I'm afraid to loan out the book I may not get it back. Told my son about it and he and his wife ordered their own copy--called this morning to say they love it too---I'm reading labels more than ever due to this book--I recommend it to every household. -- Bonnie C."

 "I have been drinking super greens for about 1 month and half and everyone keeps asking me how I’m losing weight and what is that green stuff I’m drinking -- Maylin"

 "Reverse Cancer Now is great book to tell people how to prevent or reverse cancer - like I've reversed my acodis-caused MS. -- Dwan"

 "I am so grateful for what you teach us Dr Young, so that we can share it to help others. The pH drops, 4 salts, chlorophyll, Phlavor, products are working. Labs reflect improvements. I sure enjoy making improvements.  
With much gratitude, -- Gail M."
 "I received your package half hour ago… I must be a special person…. I mean I feel like one… I just ordered and it has come from California to New York… surely another record has been broken….in thoughtful kindness this time I imagine…good things come from your mountain top.
Thank you Thank you Thank you, -- Lee Greene"
 "I am taking 4 salts now for a week and switched to your alkalarian diet since. - Margaret G."
 "PH Miracle is Excellent book. Very useful. I lost it and bought again. It offers advice to cure many "incurable" diseases. It helped me a lot. -- Tilia T."
 "I drink barley grass juice, it tastes bitter and I love it! -- Gale S."
 "I have almost all of your products and recommend them to all my friends. My favorite ones are Ijuice Lemon 4salts, Innerlight Supergreens, PH Miracle Terra Phirma, iJuice Chlorophyll, PH Miracle Men's Support, Innerlight Code Alkalizing Hydrogen Water Bottle and for sure Infrared portable sauna. I really enjoying the relaxing effect after 15-20 minutes in my sauna. This is a part of my daily routine. I am 40 yo but feel better than when I was 20. THANK YOU!!!" -- Jim T.
 "I purchased your book The PH Miracle for Diabetes. Very NICE book. --Daniel A. B."
 "Almost everything I have learned about nutrition at school, the medical and from dietitians was wrong! I have followed the food pyramid instituted by our government but they were wrong then and are continuing to mislead us with wrong information. The only ones who benefits from this are the food industries, pharmaceuticals companies and the medical field. I  grew up playing sports and living a very active life, I have served in both the military and in the federal government. During my active duty years I had suffered many serious injuries that required medical intervention which included surgeries and toxic medication a.k.a. drugs. 

For more than 50 years I have been living SAD= The Standard American Diet that include the heavy consumption of meat, animal product, processed food and pharmaceuticals.  I was very unaware  that this lifestyle was killing me and keeping me trapped in the deceptive world. This lifestyle has taking a heavy toll on my life. I developed insulin resistant and many other conditions, but the doctors tried convincing me that these conditions were genetics and that I couldn't change it just manage them with toxic meds. These medical doctors had said to me that I would taking these toxic medications for the rest of my life but I refused to live like this. ... During my search I had came across many holistic, naturopathic and alternative medicine.  But you are the one that really caught my attention with your PH Miracle lifestyle and products. You have opened my eyes by shining the spotlight on my acidic diet and lifestyle. I have purchased some of your PH Miracle products but  I really need help in selecting the right products to helping reversing my current medical acidic conditions that includes insulin resistant (Type II Diabetes), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc. I am respectfully requesting to get the right information in how to join and be come part of your program in order to help me and my family, love ones and friends. -- Jose R. S. Sr.

 "In my opinion "Reverse Cancer Now" book can make a real difference in preventing this terrible plague. It would be great if this information became part of today's lifestyle and diet. I am from the Mediterranean diet and I realize that there are still changes we need to make to improve our overall health and well being." -- Carmelo

 "pHour Salts products has been helping to regulate my headaches.) Thank you very much for your exceptional customer service! I have told a handful of people about your company and will continue to do so. Thank you for standing by your products. Have a lovely weekend! Much appreciation." -- Laura Roper

 "Thank you so very much! Your products are the best in the world and seriously heal people!" -- Rosalie H. (Australia)

 "I would like to say that everything that you do is fully recognised, felt and just can’t express how deeply we love you. I am forever in your debt. Team service is first class." -- Lehman and Linda

 "The PH miracle book may have saved my life. Simple truth it works and so many people could help them selves. My PRN says I am doing so well she may discontinue my medication. Just three months ago they said it was a good thing I got in because I was lucky to be alive. -- Micky F."

 "I have had a cold for 2 days and last night I was awake from 1-4 AM feeling miserable, 2nd night in a row. I got a 16 oz bottle of water and put one scoop of Supergreens in it, and once I drank it within about 10-15 mins I felt noticeably better. Woke up feeling better than I have all week. Drank some more today, and it's pushing my cold out. That stuff is amazing. Now going to continue drinking every day and increase the amount slowly. So excited at the thought of increasing my energy! Its so simple it's ridiculous, actually. No idea why I ever stopped, but excited to get back on track. Thank you is all I can say! -- Anonymous" 

 "I tried Phour Salts through the advice of a friend and couldn't be happier with the results. It is extremely useful to avoid muscle soreness & cramping after rigorous exercise. This is a multi-purpose product; it is also great as a skin toner- if you're into that! Will buy again. -- Joseph"

 "The PH Miracle book opened my eyes to the importance of what I eat. It was recommended to me by a good friend after I was recently after I was diagnosed as being a-symptomatic for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although, I am not following this diet to the letter, I have taken to heart the lesson on acidic vs alkaline foods and the need for more vegetables and less or no meat. I will re-read this book as I continue along my path of 'becoming healthy. -- M.H."

 "Thanking everyone and amazing shipping as we have reception from order placed Saturday, in hand Thursday…NY…super fast…never thought…-- Lehman G."

 "Thank you so much for all your amazing health products and for mailing it to Canada. Much Appreciation" -- Dana and Paul

 "I absolutely love the iJuice products! I travel a lot for work and have to drink my daily anti-inflammatory juice and smoothie, and now I take my green powders with me. I love iJuice Spinach, Kale, Barley, Supergreens and Chlorophyll. Highly recommended! Must have in your pantry always." -- Katherine M.
 "Wow, the ph miracle plush product is amazing! I am grateful to learn about it. It certainly gets the job done and cleanses the body. I highly recommend it. Thanks!" --Sincerely, Chelsea E.

 "I too was told I had MS in 1988. I did all the test they wanted me to take saying 'that would tell me for sure if I had MS. They were un-intrusive so I did them. after each one the would say I needed to do another one to really make sure. Then cam the one the Neurologist sat me down and said I need to do a spinal tap and that for sure would say if I had MS or not because the spinal fluids go around the brain etc. I said no. Then said I can't tell you that you have MS for sure or not. I said I'm fine with that. I respected that. I believe in the power that words play in our life. And I'm not MS.  I have my ups and downs with getting all of it in my day however there isn't a day that I'm not eating it. I do see a difference and even more when I achieve My total amount of powdered greens I need for me each day. Love it!! May this program and products go on forever!  -- Susan P.S."

 "I miss the days when I regularly consumed your Doc Broc Greens and was much stricter about what I ate. I'll make it back there soon. -- Daniel K."

  "I totally agree, the SuperFruit is so delicious that it only lasted me 4 -5 days, I gotta stay away from that one because it's way too good, It's better than candy!. -- Francisco M."

 "Need to let you know I saw my MD yesterday and my labs were so wonderful I wondered if they were really mine….and I know the pH Salts are a great contribution to my health. Much gratitude to you. -- April Minkler "

 "Thank you!! Your PH balance is so far superior to anything like it on the market!  I’m going to have to try out some of your other products soon!
I’m so very appreciative and even more so very much give thanks to your cordial prompt response.  Previously I’d only ordered via Amazon Prime for efficiency purposes but they said it was no longer available.  So thank God it made me have to order direct and I’ve known for quite some time I should do so to both I sure I’m buying direct from the small businesses that I love and to not fund the monolith monopoly that is Amazon (which by proxy of stealing and hijacking the name of the lungs of the Universe is itself a crime against nature).  So that being said that little step of by necessity (because your Phour Salts product is essential to our families health and well being) now I can once and for all stop supporting a crony capitalist (government backed/super socialist) monopoly gangster cartel like Amazon. So Hallelujah Resurrection time!!!  Happy Easter and thanks again!!! Best Regards," -- Theo
 "Thank you. Your website/product was referred by my neighbor, who is a holistic MD. Her family uses this as a preventative." -- Scot R.
 "A friend sent me PH Miracle Bath Salts... After the 1st day I slept 5 hours... it's been over a year since that has happened. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESEARCH & MAKING IT AVAILIBLE. GREAT GRATITUDE." --- Clair Love
 "I am grateful to have the resource of pH Miracle Products for me health. :-))" -- Jasmine Sky
 "Dear Friends, 11 years ago when my son was 9 we have his blood assessed by a microscopist in connection with your alkaline diet program. We subsequently followed the diet and he never struggled with chronic abdominal pain again. Within 2 years he was able to eat all 27 of the foods he was previously allergic to without any allergic reaction." -- Blessings, Heidi A,
 "I just received the Ph Miracle products and I must say I feel great and I think this is immensely helping my chronic ailment." -- Satya Yuga
 "I got this PH Miracle WaterMark Ionizer for my Birthday and it's the best gift ever. I use it everyday and love it. I also use this water in my Innerlight Code Alkalizing Hydrogen Water Bottle to make Hydrogen water and take it with me to work and to my gym. Two of my friends also got these water products and they love the way they feel. Thank you for your care and also your research. Prayers!!!" -- Gail M.
 "I feel good supporting a company that is doing truly good things in the world so thank you for that!" -- Colleen Cackowski
 "I live in Hungary and 14 years ago I used the Innerlight Super Greens products. I remember how good it had an effect on my body and I sleep really well, calmly. I would like to use it again on a daily basis. Thank you!" --Üdvözlettel: Rajna Katalin
 "I have been doing more research into pH balance of the body and health versus disease state. The information is enlightening. I am a physical therapist with many years of experience and advanced course works d degrees and I'm seeing a greater need for information to off patients ways to improve their general health. I'm excited to try your company products as I am a big fan of your research." -- Sandy Fischer
 "Thank you so much for doing this excellent important work! We appreciate you. We thank you and wish you many blessings!" -- Mark & Adele
  "Thank you for all your hard work. Two years ago I made a decision to change my lifestyle and diet after reading PH Miracle book. I am vegan now and taking PH Miracle pHour Salts, Dephense, Puriphy, pHlush, Blood Filter, D3, K1, Innerlight Supergreens, iJuice Wheat Grass, Coconut and Superfruits. I also love my alkaline water from WaterMark and use it for drinking and cooking. I feel great and now helping my family with what I have learned. Thank you!!!" -- Sandra R.
 " I am really glad that you can support us by selling your products to our family we really appreciate your company and all the work you have done. - Ngan Tang and Kayleen Vuong"
 "Now that's some super fast shipping! Thank you" -- April C.
 "Great Product. I start my day with one glass of alkaline water mixed with iJuice Supergreens and after that I take one glass of water with PH Miracle pHour Salts. I feel so much energy after that. Thank you for your education and dedication." -- Lori M.
 "Thank you very very much for all your support and concern ! We are truly grateful. We are extremely exited to begin this journey, in compound with the products. It truly has been a pleasure to talk with you, we felt very very important and cared of, we truly hope we can keep on talking and interacting in the future. We will be placing orders as we continue with the program. Best regards and thanks again for sending the products so fast!" -- Vanessa S.
 "I am a big fan of pH miracle living products and I recently started taking pH miracle lithium orotate colloidal. After taking just 2 or 3 recommended doses I felt a more positive mood and less anxiety. Taking this product Just 3 or 4 times a day I am able to focus on my daily tasks much more efficiently. I also noticed more sustained energy and less food cravings. Truly a pH miracle  product! " -- Darin G.
 "And to *YOU* and *YOURS* I do give thanks for *YOU* and *YOUR* Wonders Full Products. Sparkling heart  With gratitude" -- Nancy Rubeck
 "I had acid reflux and tried many products. Only when I found pH Miracle Puriphy for my drinking water together with Greens powder and also Phour Salts (I mix with water twice a day) this nasty acid reflex disappeared THANK YOU. What a relief. --Anna M.
 "Recently you referred me to get buckwheat and hemp in my diet, as I just went vegetarian, both helped me very well, thank  you. I am glad to reach the ph recommended daily, using bicarbonates." -- William M. M.
 "Thank you for all you are doing to help us at this time in history. God bless you and your families." -- Sharon R.
 "Thank you for the really impressive customer service. It’s grateful appreciated and noticed." -- Amanda and David V.
 "I received my infrared sauna and already tried it for the first time. I love it so far!! :) Thanks for selling this one! :)" -- Lori S.
 "Thank you very much PH Miracle Team! We intend to be returning customers. We have purchased Dr. Young's book. I appreciate your care for our lives." -- Carl and Cheryl Herke
 "Thank you for wonderful healthy products that are so easy to use." -- Anne
 "Good day, thank you all for what you are doing with these magnificent products." -- Best, Silver
 "Thank you for your wonderful healing products" -- Beth B. "
 "Aloha... PH customer Service team.: I want to extend my deep appreciation over the professional manner in which you dealt  with the mail issue on the two orders I received. It is with excellent  products coupled with excellent customer service you retain and grow your customer base.. So once again, thank you as I will continue my loyal patronage of your company. Sincerely" --
Johanna de Silva
 "Love the product and your good service." -- Barbara Hulsizer
 "I'm glad to share the progress: Steve is 60yr old and was diagnosed w relapsing remitting MS at 30yr. He decompensated to chronic progressive MS ~5yr later. He has been seen at Neurological center with cutting edge therapies since ~1998. He's been on several studies and all the usual drugs they give MS pts to no avail. Two months ago I started Steve on:

In AM: In 10oz alkaline H20 - *iJuice Chlorophyll - *PH Miracle Phour salts - *PH Miracle L-Arginine      In AM: (another 10oz alkaline H20)
*MasterPeace 5 drops sublingual.     Mid-day (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHou salts - *pH pHlush - *lemon iJuice powder.     In evening (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHour salts - *L-Arginine - *Masterpiece 5 drops sublingual  --   Steve's pH started at 6.0 pH. I have been keeping him consistently at pH= 7.5=>8.5 with this regimen. He walks with a cane all the time and sometimes requires a wheelchair. He uses a Segway to get around our ranch (we have horses).  He uses a Segway to go longer distances. During a particularly hot spell in NW Oregon (we live in Hillsboro, OR) I watched him walk WITHOUT A CANE - approximately 100 meters! He has not done this for 20yr! And it was hot outside (MS pts cannot tolerate heat and are basically paralyzed in hot temps). The pH Miracle L-Arginine has remarkably reversed his impotence too (wink wink)" -- Lisa L.

 "Hi there! First, let me thank you for the great and high-quality products you offer. I am a witness of the great health benefits of using them on a regular basis and improving the pH of my body. I am eager to share these great news to others through my posts in my health social media accounts and blog offering. Blessings" -- Sandra Hernandez. Health Advocate
 "I was introduced to the PH miracle and started it a few months ago. I do say I have more energy and it seems my autoimmune "disease" is better. -- Christie D.
 "I can’t believe I found you again! GOD guided me back to you!! I have been thinking about the Innerlight that I use to take ...I started taking it and it worked great! I would definitely say it attributed to a higher consciousness level in me for sure!! I just am Thanking out almighty god creator that he guided me back to you! It’s a miracle! I really wanna try some more Innerlight and ph test strips. Peace and love!! Blessings and Aloha" -- Kimberly L. 💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜🌈💜

 "I want to thank you for your work!  I purchased your books in 2020 and have been taking your PH products.  I appreciate your work very much!  God Bless You!" Warmly,  Rhonda Q.