Doc Broc's Stone Hinge Cave Adventure - Book

Doc Broc's Stone Hinge Cave Adventure - Book

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Doc Broc's Stone Hinge Cave Adventure

by Adam Young, Shelley Redford Young, Robert O. Young  

Hardcover – September 1, 2005

Teach your children the value of eating healthy, alkalizing foods with the help of Doc Broc and his trusty sidekick, the AvoRado Kid. Read all about how Doc and AvoRado enter the Stone Hinge Cave, meet up with the Meaty Meanies, and rescue Luscious Lettuce. The action-packed full-color illustrations, coupled with a CD containing narration, music, and sound effects, makes the book a fun and exciting educational tool. Additionally, recipes for kids are also offered. Both your child and you will love this adventurous tale as Doc and Luscious seek to find the River of Life.