Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid
Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid
Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid
Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid
Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid
Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid

Innerlight Code 47oz Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid

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Innerlight Code 47oz (1.4 L) Clear Glass Bottle with Handle and Lid


About this item

  • SIZE : The size of the bottles 47oz (1.4 L), not too heavy but big enough that you are not constantly having to refill them. They fit very well almost all kind of refrigerator
  • HANDLE : The handle is one of the most important part of this bottle. Unlike many other bottles, this handle provide solid grip. 
  • STURDY : This glass bottle is heavy duty and excellent for keeping water, juice, herbal tea or your plan-based milk fresh. Thick glass bottle is made for daily use and reuse, thick and durable.
  • LEAKPROOF & LEAD-FREE : This glass bottle is leakproof. If you need a little shake before pouring, you can rely on the lid of the bottle to prevent accidents. Each Bottle Includes BPA-free Reusable Screw-on Plastic Lid. This glass is lead-free, reusable, 100% recyclable, and eco-friendly.

Product information

"I got this glass bottle to keep my Chlorophyll water in my refrigerator. It works perfectly. But I also use it for for a lot more. It's heavy glass, sturdy and large. This bottle is easy to use and the handle is super handy." -- Lora M.
"I love this glass container, it's perfect for my green juice in the fridge. I bought two of these bottles. I’ve been transitioning away from plastic over to glass and absolutely love these. They are dishwasher safe which is always a win! I will definitely be ordering more." -- Hanna N.
"I make my own cashew and almond milk, and I love using these to bottle the milk! They fit perfectly in my refrigerator door. I will buy two more."-- Diana M.
"These glass bottles are easy to fill and use. They give you the protection of your stored liquids like juices, plant-made milk and lemonade in a glass container. Plastic containers are not a healthy alternative for liquid storage.--Agnes B.
"I have been looking for a glass water bottle that would fit into the door of my fridge, to replace the large plastic bottle we were using. Now I transfer all my juices from plastic to these beautiful glass bottles and also keep my liquid chlorophyll in them. Thank you. -- Rita T.

"Love this glass bottle, very easy to handle, great product, very good quality. I am trying to decrease use of plastic and found this bottle. Awesome product , fits well in door of refrigerator. I just ordered 2 more!" -- Nina M.

"Love the look of the bottles and the size. Used them for my herbal tea, juices and also often I make nut milk, so I love to keep it in these bottles. Good fit for the fridge. The tops are good quality. The glass is very thick. Best Quality. Highly recommend it."-- Rachel B.

" Excellent bottle. No more plastic bottles in my fridge. Glass has always been the best way to go and these bottles did not disappoint. Easy to clean and reusable. Heavy duty and much more than I expected! Space saving as well as tall and thin and yes they fit in the door shelves! Love the handle as well! Using for my juices, almond, rice, oat and soy milk. Need to order two more for my mom." -- Wendy N.

" I reorganized my fridge and got four of these bottles. I love them. I use them for storing my alkaline water and green juice I make every day. They easily to store in the fridge door, or on the fridge shelf. The glass is thick and they feel super durable. So far I haven't had an issue and I have used them for about 2 months. I would definitely buy 2-3 more." -- Cathy N.
"I highly recommend buying these beautiful glass bottles. They do not weigh too much. The handles make them easy to hold and pour. Liquids stay nice and cold without freezing over like they sometimes do in plastic. I just love them. I have no problem with the caps; they work very well. A wonderful purchase. Great quality. I highly recommend these." -- Nancy M
" I bought 6 of these bottles for my wife and she loves them. We have huge fridge and now all our juices, filtered water and lemonade are in these cool bottles. Also my wife makes nut milk and these bottles are perfect. We absolutely love these bottles. Thank you." -- David V.