pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace
pH Miracle®  MasterPeace

pH Miracle® MasterPeace

Ph Miracle
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 pH Miracle® MasterPeace

Detoxification Support

1 fl oz. (30 ml)

MasterPeace sets the standard as the keystone detoxification support
in todays toxic world.




The power of MasterPeace - Removing toxins on a cellular level

MasterPeace Consists Of Three parts:

  1. Marine Plasma: The most complete, harmonious and highly bioavailable source of minerals, fatty acids and trace elements. Marine Plasma holds the mineral matrix and nutritional blueprint found in blood plasma across many of the worlds’ inhabitants, including humans. What is more easily understood as the Origin of the World’s Food Chain. It can be used safely for blood transfusions since its makeup is so like the foundational plasma of the blood, if not exactly alike. Marine plasma is not just sea water or rehydrated rock salt. It is a life-processed and life-sustaining organic mineral-rich plasma of the highest grade and compatibility with living beings. In this form these nutrients are mostly in the nanometer to sub-nanometer or picometer size range, which creates unparalleled bio-availability when ingested.
  2. Clinoptilolite Zeolite: The Master Purifier/Binder of virtually all known toxins in a perfect dense size range which when ingested goes everywhere in your body. Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a strongly negatively charged natural detoxifying mineral that has a hollow and vast inner-cage structure. Most poisons are positively charged, so they magnetically bind firmly to the Zeolite. Heavy metals tend to stick in your negatively charged body, but the zeolite has a much stronger negative charge than your body so the poisons stick to the zeolite instead!
    Research on PubMed indicates improved effectiveness of Clinoptilolite Zeolite in binding a broader range of poisons when it’s combined with natural and healthy minerals, like you find in MasterPeace. This is called modifying the surface of the zeolite with natural organic minerals. The Marine Plasma assists the Zeolite, allowing it to bind to a more diverse range of tissue poisons.
  3. Structured & Energetically Infused Subtle Aether Energy: The final part is a process of water structuring then energetically infusing the solution naturally, Incorporating the Harmony of Creation.
    The Aether can be described as a sea of energy that surrounds, permeates and connects us and the world. The subtle aether energy that is all around us, is brought into harmony with the MasterPeace formula via water structuring, energetic treatment, and the dissolved mineral and zeolite crystals in MasterPeace. The dissolved minerals and zeolite are all crystals, and crystals as a category tend to resonate with this subtle and intelligent aether energy. These tiny crystals, plus the crystalline structured-water they’re dissolved in, give the MasterPeace formula a deep energetic relationship with the Creation around us, even just while sitting on your shelf. This is the same relationship our wonderful bodies have, when acting in their higher capacities, in a robust way. This may explain why you are likely to feel more “tuned in” in many aspects of your life while taking MasterPeace.

Conclusion: What’s All That Mean?

The natural master binder at nano size paired with Marine Plasma nutrition at sub-nano size, is a breakthrough in holistic detoxification!

MasterPeace has been tested by Naturopathic Doctors and Different tests to have a highly significant effect.  

Let's talk safety about the word nano.

Not all very small particles (nano) are harmful. Nano just means 1 Billionth of a meter in geek terms. For the layman it just means SUPER SMALL.

1 line represents Nano size


How MasterPeace nutraceutical works

Modern problems require modern solutions.

MasterPeace sets the standard as the keystone detoxification support in todays toxic world. The natural master binder, Clinoptilolite Zeolite, nano sized and paired with Marine Plasma nutrition, sub-nano sized, is a breakthrough in holistic detoxification!

Harmful POSITIVELY charged toxins, including heavy metals, take up residence in and around the tissues and cells in our body. Unfortunately, this is a modern-day fact. However!… undigestible nanometer-sized clinoptilolite zeolite, found in MasterPeace, is a safe NEGATIVELY charged mineral that magnetically finds and traps these positively charged “forever chemical” toxins. The body then expels the Zeolite WITH the poisons attached!

At the same time, MasterPeace replaces the heavy metals and toxins with nutrient dense structured marine plasma containing 96 organic-minerals in a perfect ratio. This combined formula goes through a high-level water structuring process which allows it to further resonate like a strong crystal, profoundly connecting MasterPeace even further to holistic principles and the energy all around us.

Twice a day away from food or drink. Hold 5 drops in mouth and gently swish for at least 30 seconds, then swallow.

This is a natural product.



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your licensed physician or medical practitioner before using any products, especially if you are taking any drugs or if you are pregnant or nursing. Protect from heat and light. Store out of reach of children.


  "I have been taking master peace for about three month -5 drops twice a day. I noticed that my sleep improved significantly and I have much more energy in the morning. I feel culm and very productive during the day. It feels really good to be myself again. This is pretty amazing and I thing that MasterPeace really is a miracle in a bottle. Definitely will take it every day and planning to order few more bottle for my vocation travel." -- Gail M. 

"Thank you for this product. MasterPeace really works for me. It's pretty amazing, but just in three day of taking MasterPeace I feel energized and uplifted. My mood is improved and I sleep like a baby. Thank you." -- Kate M.

 "Your  knowledge and explanation of how the body truly functions is beyond most peoples comprehension of importance, truly mind body and spirit life-changing! 7 months ago I purchased your pH Miracle Watermark and started using pH Miracle pHour Salts, Organic Greens, Doc Broc’s Power Plants (I mix the two greens daily) & iJuice Chlorophyll. Your products are as life-changing as your information is! At 51 years of age I’ve watched my body transform over the past 7 months. If I didn’t personally experience the changes I wouldn’t believe it. Because of your recommendation I started using MasterPeace 1 month ago. I’ve experience a sharper awareness, clarity, yet a peaceful calmness. The biggest most noticeable improvement has been in my quality of sleep. I hadn’t had any problems sleeping I’ve just noticed they’ve been much more relaxing and restful. I noticed this within the first week. Thank you for your life-changing knowledge & fierce courage to spread it to all, God bless."--Yours Truly, Hamma R.

"I have been using MasterPeace for a week and my mental clarity and consciousness are at an all time high." -- Marie B.

"I just discovered you!! Have to share: I started taking MasterPeace along with many of the PH Miracle products now for about a month or two. I had started to develop spider veins in my legs soon to become varicose veins. Since starting your products, my spider veins are literally disappearing before my very eyes!! UNBELIEVABLE! Each day they are lighter and lighter and disappearing altogether in spots.  I already have The PH Miracle Book, One Sickness/Disease/Treatment and Alkalizing Nutritional Therapy. I cannot thank you enough. May God richly bless and keep you!" -- Dr. Margaret A.L.

"I purchase two bottles of MasterPeace and taking it twice a day. I noticed that my energy level is much higher, I feel lighter and think clear. Also I had issues with my sleep, but not anymore. What a relief! THANK YOU! I just orders three more bottles." -- Diana D.

 "I'm glad to share the progress: Steve is 60yr old and was diagnosed w relapsing remitting MS at 30yr. He decompensated to chronic progressive MS ~5yr later. He has been seen at Neurological center with cutting edge therapies since ~1998. He's been on several studies and all the usual drugs they give MS pts to no avail. Two months ago I started Steve on:

In AM: In 10oz alkaline H20 - *iJuice Chlorophyll - *PH Miracle Phour salts - *PH Miracle L-Arginine      In AM: (another 10oz alkaline H20)
*MasterPeace 5 drops sublingual.     Mid-day (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHou salts - *pH pHlush - *lemon iJuice powder.     In evening (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHour salts - *L-Arginine - *Masterpiece 5 drops sublingual  --   Steve's pH started at 6.0 pH. I have been keeping him consistently at pH= 7.5=>8.5 with this regimen. He walks with a cane all the time and sometimes requires a wheelchair. He uses a Segway to get around our ranch (we have horses).  He uses a Segway to go longer distances. During a particularly hot spell in NW Oregon (we live in Hillsboro, OR) I watched him walk WITHOUT A CANE - approximately 100 meters! He has not done this for 20yr! And it was hot outside (MS pts cannot tolerate heat and are basically paralyzed in hot temps). The pH Miracle L-Arginine has remarkably reversed his impotence too (wink wink)" -- Lisa L.

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