pH Miracle® Men's Support -  capsules

pH Miracle® Men's Support - capsules

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Men's Support 

90 Capsules

pH Balanced & Concentrated | Proprietary Blend Of Aminos, Vitamins, Minerals, Cell Salts & Herbs 
The Men's Support product is a male corrective formulation.  It can be used to reduce inflammation in the reproductive and urinary systems, particularly the prostate and the kidneys. The herbs included in this synergistic formulation increase the flow of urine, shrink inflamed tissue, are antiseptic, increase blood circulation, enhance the body's response to stress, increase the production of alkaline fluids and calm the nerves. The combination of specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and cell or tissue salts have been used to improve libido, reverse insomnia, impotence, night sweats, nocturnal emissions, prostatitis, diarrhea, turbid urine and anorexia. 
Optimize healthy prostate function
Balance health reproductive system
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