pH Miracle® pHour Salts Powder
pH Miracle® pHour Salts Powder

pH Miracle® pHour Salts Powder

pH Miracle
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pH Miracle® pHour Salts

pHour Salts is a combination of four powerful carbonate salts (sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, and calcium carbonate) that help maintain the alkaline design of human, plant, and animal organisms. These salts are naturally occurring in all fluids of the body. Specifically, they can aid in the reduction of acidity in the lymphatic, circulatory, and gastro-intestinal systems.

pHour Salts may be used daily to increase the alkalinity of any food or drink. Other uses include baking, tooth scrub, mouth wash, deodorizer, bath soak, foot bath, and general cleanser.

Size: 454 grams

Directions: mix 1 scoop in a small glass of purified water first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

Advanced Use: 3 times per day.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 scoop (5g)
Servings Per Container: 91

  Amount Per
% Daily

32 mg
20 mg
620 mg
814 mg

*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
+Daily Value not established

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend (Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate).


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your licensed physician or medical practitioner before using any products, especially if you are taking any drugs or if you are pregnant or nursing. Protect from heat and light. Store out of reach of children.



 "I’ve been using Super Greens and Phour Salts for over 15 years. Never found a better substitute. -- Charlotte L. C."

 "I really like pHour Salts product. I find I have 75% less migraines if I faithful." -- Aleta B.

"I've been buying your pHour salts for some time now and appreciate that it has benefitted my digestion quite a bit. I take it every night before bedtime. I've enjoyed much less indigestion and heartburn. I intend to use it indefinitely." -- Holton P.

"Wow, I tried the pH Miracle Phour salts this morning for the first time. I can literally feel the difference as I feel invigorated." -- Angela C.

 "This product (pHour Salts) has been helping to regulate my headaches.) Thank you very much for your exceptional customer service! I have told a handful of people about your company and will continue to do so. Thank you for standing by your products. Have a lovely weekend! Much appreciation." -- Laura Roper

 "I am taking 4 salts now for a week and switched to your alkalarian diet since. - Margaret G."

 "I love your pH Miracle® pHour Salts Powder product and use it ever day and just it under 2 week send my PH go higher. I found it nice to use it after lunch or dinner to offset the food. I also use it when I am biking. Usually first thing in morning. It is also a good way to let others try it." --   Stewart H.

 "I love the phour salts-the spots on my body diminished after one scoop!" -- Jackie W.

 "I tried Phour Salts through the advice of a friend and couldn't be happier with the results. It is extremely useful to avoid muscle soreness & cramping after rigorous exercise. This is a multi-purpose product; it is also great as a skin toner- if you're into that! Will buy again. -- Joseph"

"Excellent for instant cure to reflux. I keep this on hand for when it flares up. It relieves it immediately. -- Susan S."

 "I use PH Miracle Puriphy with all my drinking water to purify and alkalize it. I always include one bottle to my family Christmas Gifts. Other products I buy on regular basis are Phour Salts (or Lemon Phoursalts) and iJuice Pomegranate. I add different iJuice Products to my morning smoothies." -- Clara T.

 "I started taking PH Miracle Phour Salts again last week along with the number of other things. For the first time in my life, that I can remember my Alkaline levels have been above 7.5 pH or more. Thank you Jesus." -- Louis Ragghianti

 "I've been using pHour Salts product consistently now for about a decade. I never want to run out. I take about 2-3 tsp a day - one of them just before bed. It helps me sleep at night, keeps my ph balanced, and seems to help my kidneys and bladder. If I run out, my kidneys start hurting and I can't hold my urine like I can when taking this product. so grateful. I tried plain baking soda and nowhere near as healing for me. -- Vivianne"

 "I found that Phour Salts will immediately alkalize my body, balance PH, and help hydration after having a bit to much to drink. This stuff is like a high quality electrolyte as well. When I drink a bit too much alcohol and wake in the night thirsty and only drink water, I just pee it out again. Drinking Phour Salts immediately quenches my thirst, and slows my heart rate (due to hydration), relieves my headache. All my friends have been buying it as well. Truly an amazing discovery!!! -- Ez"

 "Some of my favorites are I juice Super Chlorophyll, 4 salts, PHlavor spray salts and the Activated Charcoal! These products along with applying Dr Young's New Biology have helped me lose 110 lbs and maintain vibrant health these past 9 years. The PHMIRACLE Book is my bible in Biology! DETOX, REBUILD & RENEW! Dr. Robert O. Young, you are a great blessing to the world! Thank you again! I continue to share your knowledge, in helping one at the time. – Donna G. T.”

 "Need to let you know I saw my MD yesterday and my labs were so wonderful I wondered if they were really mine….and I know the pH Salts are a great contribution to my health. Much gratitude to Dr. Young and you, his team. -- April Minkler "

 "My husband and I love your theory on salts and frequencies, we have both are big believers in the effects frequencies have on all life bodies and share your information with anyone that will hear it. Thank you for all your heard work and willingness to share it with whosoever has an ear. Much respect" -- Albert and Jeannie Johnson

 "I have been awaken almost every night for over 30 years at 3:00 in the morning. And, I am not the only one. I thought it was my adrenal glands going spastic as a result of the fight or flight syndrome. Thanks to you I am now cured. I drink Phour salts and water before I go to bed. No more anxiety from lactic acidosis. Thank you" -- Ernie.

 "Hello, I have been taking the Phour salts and they are great. I ordered 12 boxes from you and I'm about to order 10 more because it is so great it works for everyone and I am keep giving them out to friends and family here in the US. Thank you so much for making this available, this is a life saver, as I was on an alkaline diet but still had issues and the salts just made all my issues disappear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." -- Julia F.

 "My daughter, 32, has gastroparesis with nasty side effects. She's already using Phour Salts, which has greatly helped with her GERD. THANK YOU!" -- Phil C.

 "Great Product. I start my day with one glass of alkaline water mixed with iJuice Supergreens and after that I take one glass of water with PH Miracle pHour Salts. I feel so much energy after that. Thank you for your education and dedication." -- Lori M.

 "I had acid reflux and tried many products. Only when I found pH Miracle Puriphy for my drinking water together with Greens powder and also Phour Salts (I mix with water twice a day) this nasty acid reflex disappeared THANK YOU. What a relief. --Anna M.

 "I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Phour Salts. I can be feeling horrible with nausea and headaches and when I take Phour salts, I feel better within 10 minutes. It’s such an amazing product. Thank you." -- Christi Smart (BS) R.T. (R)(MR)(CT)(M)

"I'm 82 years old and have been taking Q-phactor for the last 5 years. People say my skin looks younger than the other old folks around me and they always ask: "What do you use on your skin?' Well, I try to eat lots of greens and have green smoothie every morning, I use WaterMark to drink and cook with alkaline water, I take every day PH Miracle Q-phactor, R-phactor, Organic Greens, Phour Salts, Puriphy drops and Phlush. I recommend these products to my friends." -- Lorena M.

 "My Naturopathic doctor suggested pH Miracle Blood Filter together with L-Arginine MAX and pHour Salts. After two weeks my blood pressure is close to normal and blood sugar numbers improved significantly. Thank you. Will buy again." - Robert G.

"You Rock. I’ve been listening to you since you promoted your PH Miracle and the GREENS. I test everyday with strips I alkaline EVERYDAY I love the Phour Salts, the CHLOROPHEAL MINT, the GREENS, PHM DEPHENSE, your SHOWER HEAD, and 4-5 other of your products." -- Michelle R.

  "Thank you for all your hard work. Two years ago I made a decision to change my lifestyle and diet after reading PH Miracle book. I am vegan now and taking PH Miracle pHour Salts, Dephense, Puriphy, pHlush, Blood Filter, D3, K1, Innerlight Supergreens, iJuice Wheat Grass, Coconut and Superfruits. I also love my alkaline water from WaterMark and use it for drinking and cooking. I feel great and now helping my family with what I have learned. Thank you!!!" -- Sandra R.

 "Your  knowledge and explanation of how the body truly functions is beyond most peoples comprehension of importance, truly mind body and spirit life-changing! 7 months ago I purchased your pH Miracle Watermark and started using pH Miracle pHour Salts, Organic Greens, Doc Broc’s Power Plants (I mix the two greens daily) & iJuice Chlorophyll. Your products are as life-changing as your information is! At 51 years of age I’ve watched my body transform over the past 7 months. If I didn’t personally experience the changes I wouldn’t believe it. Because of your recommendation I started using MasterPeace 1 month ago. I’ve experience a sharper awareness, clarity, yet a peaceful calmness. The biggest most noticeable improvement has been in my quality of sleep. I hadn’t had any problems sleeping I’ve just noticed they’ve been much more relaxing and restful. I noticed this within the first week. Thank you for your life-changing knowledge & fierce courage to spread it to all, God bless."--Yours Truly, Hamma R.

" I've been using Phour Salts for about two weeks and am finding it very helpful." -- Cathy G.

 "I'm glad to share the progress: Steve is 60yr old and was diagnosed w relapsing remitting MS at 30yr. He decompensated to chronic progressive MS ~5yr later. He has been seen at Neurological center with cutting edge therapies since ~1998. He's been on several studies and all the usual drugs they give MS pts to no avail. Two months ago I started Steve In AM: In 10oz alkaline H20 - *iJuice Chlorophyll - *PH Miracle Phour salts - *PH Miracle L-Arginine    In AM: (another 10oz alkaline H20) *MasterPeace 5 drops sublingual.     Mid-day (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHou salts - *pH pHlush - *lemon iJuice powder.     In evening (in 10oz alkaline H20) - *pHour salts - *L-Arginine - *Masterpiece 5 drops sublingual  --   Steve's pH started at 6.0 pH. I have been keeping him consistently at pH= 7.5=>8.5 with this regimen. He walks with a cane all the time and sometimes requires a wheelchair. He uses a Segway to get around our ranch (we have horses).  He uses a Segway to go longer distances. During a particularly hot spell in NW Oregon (we live in Hillsboro, OR) I watched him walk WITHOUT A CANE - approximately 100 meters! He has not done this for 20yr! And it was hot outside (MS pts cannot tolerate heat and are basically paralyzed in hot temps). The pH Miracle L-Arginine has remarkably reversed his impotence too (wink wink)" -- Lisa L.

"I love the Phour Salts product and it has been very helpful for health." -- Andrew M.

"I use PH Miracle PH salts and they do work. It is very interesting." -- Christie D.

  "I use pH strips daily first thing in the morning to check my urine pH. Usually its around 7.5, but when I have stress it always below 7. In this case I always take pHour Salts, Lemon pHour Salts or Pomegranate pHour Salts. I love all three of them. Can't live without this products. Thank you for helping so many people around the world." -- Michael T.


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