iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass
iJuice Wheat Grass

iJuice Wheat Grass

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iJuice - Wheat Grass Juice Powder



Benefits of Wheat Grass 

Healthy Skin:  Wheatgrass can be used to help with skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Lose Weight:  Wheatgrass contains selenium, which is crucial for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.

Reduce Food Cravings:  Wheatgrass is loaded with so many nutrients that the body isn’t lusting for other foods to compensate for any lack of vitamins or minerals.

Cell Detox:  Wheatgrass is highly alkaline and high in nutrients, making it the perfect tool for a detox. 

Stimulate Circulation:  Wheatgrass has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, making it a great way to stimulate circulation.  A 2008 study in the Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine showed that wheatgrass helped to increase oxygen levels when taken directly before exercise.

Improve Digestion:  Instead of reaching for antacids to relieve heartburn or indigestion, introduce Wheatgrass juice into your daily regimen. Wheatgrass juice contains several elements that can boost digestion, including a great deal of fiber, and B complex vitamins, which boost the function of the muscles of the digestive system.  In general (B complex vitamins) help move energy obtained from food into the tissue cells, where it is needed. Thiamine helps convert carbs into energy, and riboflavin keeps the mucosal lining of your digestive tract healthy; Wheatgrass contains both.

Reduce Fatigue:  When you experience fatigue, your body is likely deprived of rest and is dealing with a weakened immune system.  Not only does chlorophyll boost the immune system, it also helps to increase oxygen supply in your body’s cells and tissues, contributing to cell regeneration, which heals the body and reduces fatigue symptoms.  

Prevent Tooth Decay:   Wheatgrass has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can increase mouth health and reduce the risk of cavities and gum inflammation when drunk.  This stems from the chlorophyll contained in Wheatgrass, which, according to a study in 2007 study in Revista Sul-Brasileira de Odontologia, is so powerful in its antimicrobial properties that it was shown to have effects on curing candida albicans, which may mean that wheatgrass can help treat cases of oral thrush as well.

Cleanse the Liver:  Wheatgrass is probably best known for its effects on the liver.  The liver processes what the body ingests, and with its detoxifying properties, nutrients, and antioxidants, iJuice Wheatgrass is able to restore and revitalize this crucial organ. A 2014 study in the Journal of Membrane Biology showed that wheatgrass consumption could even protect the liver against the detrimental effects of alcohol.

Stabilize Lipid Levels:  Wheatgrass improves lipid levels, which means it’s a great tool for managing high cholesterol. A 2011 study in Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica showed that wheatgrass reduced hyperlipidemia in rats and could be a tool to aid in reducing cholesterol.

Helps with Acne:  Wheatgrass’ antibacterial benefits and its ability to reduce chronic inflammation combine to make wheatgrass an excellent tool to reduce acne and occasional breakouts.

May Prevent Cancer:  Wheatgrass’s anti-cancer benefits stem from its blood oxygenating ability; cancer thrives in a low-oxygen environment, so wheatgrass may contribute to cancer prevention in this way.  Just remember that since wheatgrass’ ability to oxygenate the blood is activated with exercise, pair your wheatgrass shots with your favorite workout.

Prevent the Common Cold:  Steer clear of colds by drinking Wheatgrass juice to boost immunity and make sure your body is getting all the vitamins it needs.

Improve the Mood:   Wheatgrass can improve your mood in a variety of ways.  Not only, according to a 2014 literature review in the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology and Innovation, does it boost the adrenal system thanks to its Vitamin K and magnesium content, helping your body to better deal with stress, but it’s also rich in iron. A deficiency in iron can cause fatigue, which worsens mood and makes you feel blasé and unenthused, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Combat Bowel Inflammation:  In addition to Wheatgrass’ general anti-inflammatory qualities, it has been proven to fight inflammation in the bowel linked to several diseases including Crohn’s and IBS.

Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels:  Wheatgrass has shown to be a powerful anti-hyperglycemic agent in a 2016 study in Toxicology and Industrial Health.  The study showed that wheatgrass could be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes or other hyperglycemic issues. This makes it a fitting supplement for those with diabetes or who are trying to reduce blood sugar levels.

Feed Your Brain:  The chlorophyll in Wheatgrass fuels the body with oxygen, thanks to its ability to increase red blood cell health. Oxygen is vital to many body processes, especially for the brain, which uses 25 percent of the body’s oxygen supply. Wheatgrass is, quite literally, brain food.

Increase Fertility:  If you’re trying for a baby, Wheatgrass contains P4D1, a compound that impacts sperm cells and DNA, ultimately increasing fertility, according to Dr. Yasuo Hotta, a biologist at the University of California, San Diego


1/2 lb - 227 grams

45 servings per container

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (5 grams)

Suggested Use: Mix 1 scoop (5 grams) with purified/alkaline water or add to other recipes.

Ingredients: Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

This product is 100% natural


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your licensed physician or medical practitioner before using any products, especially if you are taking any drugs or if you are pregnant or nursing. Protect from heat and light. Store out of reach of children.

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 "It is a fantastic product! Good for my health! With this product I feel safe that with it I can fulfill my need of vegetables! Love it! Thanks." -- Melinda R.
"After about halfway through a container of iJuice Wheat Grass, I began to notice some pretty substantial health benefits. I notice that when I take this product regularly, the pain in my knees is barely there to virtually non-existent! I also noticed that whenever I miss a couple of days at a time, the pain would gradually creep back on me. Also, my energy levels have sky-rocketed!" -- Michael T.
 "I started feeling better one week after taking this product, I have energy in clarity. This is my favorite iJuice powder along with iJuice Blueberry and iJuice Lemon. Thank you, will order again" -- Katherine M.
 "I use 3 of the Juice Powders from this company and they are all top of the Line. Wheat Grass juice powder, Barley Grass juice powder, and Chlorophyll Powder and I can Feel the difference when I take each of the 3." -- Lorena
"Great product. Use in protein shake. Love it. Great taste." -- Ron. H.
"Very nice additive to smoothies to boost nutrients. I have been using Wheatgrass juice for the last three years. Gave it to my friend and he loved it." -- Tina M.
"iJuice Wheatgrass is highly concentrated green drink. I use it for daily detox and a vitamin boost. This juice has everything you need. I take it with me when I travel and add it to my drinking water. Thank you!" -- Lovelle M.
 "We use iJuice barley grass and wheat grass juice powder in our smoothies. It helps to get read our bodies of toxic heavy metals. We check our urine pH regularly and it's 7.8-8.0 pH in the morning. Great products." -- Richard G.
  "Thank you for all your hard work. Two years ago I made a decision to change my lifestyle and diet after reading PH Miracle book. I am vegan now and taking PH Miracle pHour Salts, Dephense, Puriphy, pHlush, Blood Filter, D3, K1, Innerlight Supergreens, iJuice Wheat Grass, Coconut and Superfruits. I also love my alkaline water from WaterMark and use it for drinking and cooking. I feel great and now helping my family with what I have learned. Thank you!!!" -- Sandra R.