The pH Miracle for Diabetes & Obesity - Booklet

The pH Miracle for Diabetes & Obesity - Booklet

pH Miracle
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The pH Miracle for Diabetes & Obesity

Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD., D.Sc


Our ancestors would be overwhelmed by the bountiful life we enjoy today. We have literally hundreds of modern conveniences that did't even exit in their wildest imaginings. While they often struggled to place meager servings of bread on their tables, we have food available on almost every corner.

But, according to Marion Nestle, PhD., a nutritionist at New York University, that's not necessarily a blessing. Since 1970 food serving sizes have doubled and in some cases quadrupled. In 2000, the U.S. food industry provided about 3,900 calories per person per day, of which the USDA estimated about the average American consumed around 2,750 calories.

That's more than 500 calories above the recommended 2,200 calories. Yet, even that recommended amount is above the average caloric intake from 20 years ago. That average, according to the USDA, was a meager 1,854 calories.