pH Miracle® WaterMark 1
pH Miracle® WaterMark 1
pH Miracle® WaterMark 1
pH Miracle® WaterMark 1
pH Miracle® WaterMark 1

pH Miracle® WaterMark 1

pH Miracle
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 pH Miracle® WaterMark 1

Countertop Non-Electrical Alkaline Water Ionizer

The PH Miracle WaterMark 1 removes 99 percent of all impurities, including fluoride. 

After 3 decades in the water performance industry, the pH Miracle is proud to introduce our newest performance water product, the pH Miracle WaterMark. 

First things first. We know many will ask this question so we will answer it now: Which is better, an electric water ionizer or the non-electric WaterMark alkalizer? 

Answer: The results and benefits of the WaterMark are equal to the top-quality water supplied by electric water ionizers. The WaterMark is an amazing product because it will produce high-quality water—superior to any tap or bottled water—at a more affordable price. 

After 30 years of customer feedback and worldwide use, the electric ionizer has proven to be an astoundingly effective product, yet it is simply too expensive for many people. With the WaterMark you can get the best quality drinking water possible on a budget. 

Those Familiar with the pH Miracle System all know that the electric water ionizer has been the recommended product of choice for more than 10 years. Unfortunately, many customers could not take advantage of the benefits of electrically ionized water due to the costs of the machines.

Recognizing this issue Dr. Young created the pH Miracle WaterMark which is designed to bring many of the amazing benefits of electrically ionized water to the average consumer. The WaterMark is a high-performing super-affordable alkalizing and anti-oxidizing system.

Whether here in North America or overseas, Dr. Young has consistently taught that water is the most important substance for lowering the risks of all disease. He has also instructed that all waters are not created equal. Water with a proper pH level, rich in antioxidant minerals, negatively ionic charged, and loaded with free hydroxyl ions is superior to all tap and bottled sources—the pH Miracle WaterMark provides you this superior water and more.

The WaterMark was designed to fill the gap between an outstanding living water and the filtered and bottled water selections available. Water altered by electric ionizers will be different from the WaterMark which uses minerals and energy fields to alter water. Both waters are extremely beneficial and those who can afford both should have one electric ionizer in the kitchen and the WaterMark in another area of the home, alternate between drinking both waters through the year. 

Those who have only the WaterMark will enjoy the benefits of high levels of antioxidants, free hydroxyl ions and increased pH as well as an excellent source of ionic magnesium and other alkalizing minerals. 

The WaterMark is a comprehensive water filtration device which also improves water by reducing the molecular cluster size of the water molecules. This creates greater surface area and thus greater surface charge, increasing the electrical or ionic charge of the water or what is called Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP). This molecular change is noticeable by the wonderfully soft texture and crisp clean taste of WaterMark water.

This benefit is achieved by the WaterMark's vortex action. Water is sent through a vortex tube where it is spun around charged crystals which creates major improvements to the structure of the water—similar to the action of a water fall which to creates the same result. Moving, living waters are far healthier than stagnant bottled or other waters.

All of this is possible because the WaterMark stands apart from other water appliances because of its elite manufacturing. Most water products on the world market are made from parts assembled by small, unknown companies. The pH Miracle has teamed with one of the premiere water filtration manufacturers on the planet with over 28 years experience in water filtration manufacturing and one of the only filtration manufacturers with full research and development teams. The manufacturer of the WaterMark® has the coveted ISO9001 and food grade factory status, this equates to a top quality and, most importantly, safe product. 

We have spared no expense to assure the WaterMark uses only safe materials. The plastics where the water travels through are all ABS, FDA and NSF approved materials that are also BPA free. The WaterMark will provide you and your family some of the best water on the planet year after year. 

How is ongoing quality assured? Because this is a manufactured and not an "assembled" product, you can expect ongoing upgrades and improvements to the replacement filter cartridges. As better materials become available they will be used to create improved filters and you, our customers, will benefit. When you order new filters we will simply send out the latest and greatest version.

That's not all. The intuitive nature of the WaterMark design also makes it extremely easy to set up and use. Counter top installations require less than 10 minutes.

Maintenance is as easy as changing the filters once a year, or for heavy use (more than 4 people) every 7 months. There is no other maintenance needed—no moving parts or plates to wear out. 

But in light of all these benefits, what may be most exciting about the WaterMark is that it will save you money. Not only does it supply water that is far superior to anything in a bottle, it does it at a cost roughly 80% lower than bottled water expense. It's actually a money-saving move to put the WaterMark in your kitchen.


How It Works

The pH Miracle WaterMark sends your home tap water through 4 very advanced filters, with a total of 14 stages of filtration:

pH Miracle Filter #1—PP Poly Propylene: For sediment removal including rust, dirt and any particles down to 5 microns in size. This filter is made from FDA and NSF approved materials.

pH Miracle Filter #2—UF Ultra Filtration: For sediment and antibacterial protection. Removes particulate, bacteria, virus (crystallized acids), fungus, mold and spores. This filter has a micron size of 0.1 which will not allow bacteria or pathogens to pass through. Ultra filtration is one of the most advanced technologies on the market today but many clog easily due to the small pore size, the WaterMark UF is new technology designed not to clog.

pH Miracle Filter #3—PI Ceramics: For antioxidant creation, restructuring and hydroxyl ion (electron) creation. Proprietary formulation of ceramic coated minerals to generate antioxidants and free hydroxyl ions in the water, also increases pH and lowers ORP.

pH Miracle Filter #4—Activated Super Carbon: Coconut source carbon removes organic compounds including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, heavy metals, bad taste and odors.

The pH Miracle Final Pathway #5—Water passes through an energy vortex that both improves the vibrational quality of the water and the waters ability to absorb into cell walls.


  • Dimensions: Height 11" x Width 10" x Depth 6.5"
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Number of Plates: 0
  • Flow Rate: Up to 4 liters per minute (depending on incoming pressure)
  • pH Levels: 8.5 to 10 (Laguna Hills, CA source water used in example)
  • ORP Levels: -150mV to -655mV
  • Hydroxyl Ion Concentration: 556ppm (depending on source water)
  • Filter Life: 3000 Liters
  • Operating Pressure: 20psi to 120psi maximum - 60psi recommended
  • Operating Temperature: 39°F to 100°F maximum
  • Input Electricity: None


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your licensed physician or medical practitioner before using any products, especially if you are taking any drugs or if you are pregnant or nursing. Protect from heat and light. Store out of reach of children.

To Order Filters for WaterMark 1 Click on the Picture Below

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 "I received for Christmas the PH Miracle WaterMark filter which I love the taste of the water. Thank you." -- Dawn D.

 "Great product, great price and worked well for us and we are really glad that we purchased it. Love the taste of the water and the health benefits. Thank you." -- Martin R.

 "We love our WaterMark1 and use this Ionizer every day. We drink alkaline water and using it for cooking and mixing with Innerlight Supergreens and also Phour Salts. This unit is non-electrical and it can be used in case of emergency, which is very important to us. Great water filtration system. The best part is that we don't need to clean it just change filters." -- Anna K.

 "The best Investment is investing in your health. We have the WaterMark for 5 years now and drink alkalinized/ionized water for the health benefits.  When I researched the different machine I wanted to make sure that it is affordable, and that we can drink good quality water. This Ionizer have it all. Thank you for being here for us." -- Lisa N.

 "I got PH Miracle WaterMark Ionizer for my Birthday and it's the best gift ever. I use it everyday and love it. I also use this water in my Innerlight Code Alkalizing Hydrogen Water Bottle to make Hydrogen water and take it with me to work and to my gym. Two of my friends also got these water products and they love the way they feel. Thank you for your care and also your research. Prayers!!!" -- Gail M.

 "I am a very loyal customer. Ordered 2 Watermark filters & referred many others for the same. I also love your supplements." -- Trisha W.

 "I think that the Alkaline Water Pitcher is the best gift for Christmas and planning to buy it to my family members. I care about them and want them to drink healthy water. I have WaterMark Ionizer and use Alkaline water daily for drinking and cooking." -- Lora W.

"I'm 82 years old and have been taking Q-phactor for the last 5 years. People say my skin looks younger than the other old folks around me and they always ask: "What do you use on your skin?' Well, I try to eat lots of greens and have green smoothie every morning, I use WaterMark to drink and cook with alkaline water, I take every day ph Miracle Q-phactor, R-phactor, Organic Greens, Phour Salts, Puriphy drops and Phlush. I recommend these products to my friends." -- Lorena M.

 "I order PH Miracle Phlush for the last 4 years and don't know what I would do without it. I has severe constipations and nothing worked till my friend recommended this product. I also bought WaterMark1 nonelectrical Ionizer and started drinking alkaline water. I feel great and my sleep improved. Thank you so much for helping so many people" -- Barbara M.

 "Hi, I bought my water Ionizer from you guys in 2021. I love it, I think it has really helped my health journey." -- Cathy H.

 "Your  knowledge and explanation of how the body truly functions is beyond most peoples comprehension of importance, truly mind body and spirit life-changing! 7 months ago I purchased your pH Miracle Watermark and started using pH Miracle pHour Salts, Organic Greens, Doc Broc’s Power Plants (I mix the two greens daily) & iJuice Chlorophyll. Your products are as life-changing as your information is! At 51 years of age I’ve watched my body transform over the past 7 months. If I didn’t personally experience the changes I wouldn’t believe it. Because of your recommendation I started using MasterPeace 1 month ago. I’ve experience a sharper awareness, clarity, yet a peaceful calmness. The biggest most noticeable improvement has been in my quality of sleep. I hadn’t had any problems sleeping I’ve just noticed they’ve been much more relaxing and restful. I noticed this within the first week. Thank you for your life-changing knowledge & fierce courage to spread it to all, God bless."--Yours Truly, Hamma R.


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