Sodium Chlorite (NaCLO2) and Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) - Booklet

Sodium Chlorite (NaCLO2) and Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) - Booklet

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Sodium Chlorite (NaCLO2) and Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) As a Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Agent for Virus, Bacteria Yeast and Mold

Robert O. Young MSc, DSc, PhD

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The use of a family of chemical agents releasing active species of oxygen effective against infectious microorganisms and viruses is described with emphasis given to Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2), one to the oxides of chlorine. Also discussed are ozone, hypochlorite, periodate and the known mechanisms of action by which certain white blood cells attach and eradicate infectious microorganisms and primitive bacteria also known as viruses. As an explanation of the biochemical mechanisms of acid of CLO2 as an anti-microbial agent is presented. Particular attention is given to Candida albicans, cytomegalovirus, polio virus Herpes I and n, HTLV-ITI and Pseudomonas, microbial agents responding to the clinical application of CLO2. It is implied that these biochemical mechanisms are so fundamental to the development of resistant strains of bacteria and/or yeast wound not occur with other anti-infectious agents. A limited list of health abnormalities that respond to CLO2 are discussed.