The pH Miracle - 2002 - Rare signed first edition, Hardcover Book
The pH Miracle - 2002 - Rare signed first edition, Hardcover Book

The pH Miracle - 2002 - Rare signed first edition, Hardcover Book

pH Miracle
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The pH Miracle - 2002 - Rare signed first edition, Hardcover 

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

by Robert O. Young, Shelley Redford Young 



This is rare first edition, hard-back pH Miracle books authored by  Robert O. Young PhD, published in 2002 by Warner Books New York, NY.

We have spoken to Dr. Young and he has agreed to sign and personalize each book for each customer, while supplies last. 





Reclaim energy and mental clarity with Dr. Young's revolutionary program to strike the ideal alkaline and acidic balance and give you a healthy, trim body in just weeks. 

Never count calories, fat grams, or food portions again! Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease. Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better overall health, and a lean, trim body. The key? Your health depends on the pH balance of its blood.

This innovative, proven diet program can work with your body chemistry and help revitalize and maintain your health. You can achieve the optimum 80/20 balance between an alkaline and acidic environment provided by eating certain foods. Rediscover the secrets of: 

  • Breakfast, the low-carb, high-fiber meal that will be the biggest change you'll make;
  • The cleanse--a liquid detox to normalize digestion and metabolism and rid your body of harmful bacteria and yeast;
  • Alkaline foods--tomatoes, avocados, and green vegetables-and how to mix them with mildly acidic foods like fish, grains, and fruits to create tempting and delicious meals;
  • Supplements--how to select, shop, and calculate the right dosage for you;
  • Water, the all-important drink--how to make sure yours is safe, pure, and plentiful.

Learn how to balance your life and your diet with the incredible health benefits of The pH Miracle



 "I have two of THE pH MIRACLE Books, 2002 editions (not signed by Dr, Young but it's ok, one is new/mint condition, one is used) and I am still using the Supergreens powder. I had the pleasure to see Dr. Young few times at Minneapolis area "Supergreens Conventions/meetings". You guys rock!!! Thank you. --  John H."

 "Some of my favorites are I juice Super Chlorophyll, 4 salts, PHlavor spray salts and the Activated Charcoal! These products along with applying Dr Young's New Biology have helped me lose 110 lbs and maintain vibrant health these past 9 years. The PHMIRACLE Book is my bible in Biology! DETOX, REBUILD & RENEW! Dr. Robert O. Young, you are a great blessing to the world! Thank you again! I continue to share your knowledge, in helping one at the time. – Donna G. T.”

 "Sure enjoy the quality of the health products, The pH Miracle book, & the educational knowledge. Mahalo nui loa! Thank you very much. Blessings of health & happiness to everyone in the healing circle.  Aloha" -- Mark H.

 "Every household should have this book . It is so insightful and makes so much sense! Our PH is the bodies foundation to good health. I cannot thank the author enough for putting this info together. Highly recommend . 5 plus star rating. -- Laurette M."

 "Good book you will learn a lot about your body I use the recommendations pH level I reduce the acid in my body In which help my arthritis I do not have the pain that I had before I increased my pH level to7.5 After Reading the book WE DO NOT EAT PROCESSED FOOD.
FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS And you will become a new person And a healthier life. -- John S."

 "Thanks and congratulations for your amazing work since so many years. The pH miracle book is a best of!!!!"-- David Giquello

 "Great book! One of the best books on the subject of pH balancing that I have ever read! Must read if you wish to live healthy and never get sick. -- Mark H."

 "I want to thank you for your work!  I purchased your books in 2020 and have been taking your PH products.  I appreciate your work very much!  God Bless You!" Warmly,  Rhonda Q.

 "Enjoying the book. Should have got the first one many many years ago...always meant to and kept putting it off. In the last 10 years important health questions have come up and could not found to be answered i.e. verified anywhere except in PH Miracle. Every page so far has been really important to me both health wise personally and as 'student' of herbal medicine. Thinking the other day, will be purchasing some of products soon after I've read the book. Really enjoying the read! Please convey my appreciation to Dr. Young. Kind Regards" -- Nathan W.
 "Thank you so so much for my Q pendants. But my most treasured possessions the signed books" -- Deena W.