Sick And Tired? - Reclaim Your Inner Terrain - Book
Sick And Tired? - Reclaim Your Inner Terrain - Book
Sick And Tired? - Reclaim Your Inner Terrain - Book

Sick And Tired? - Reclaim Your Inner Terrain - Book

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 pH Miracle® Sick and Tired? Reclaim your Terrain

Robert O. Young, PhD., DSc

(Collectible Item-out of Print)

SICK AND TIRED? presents the revolutionary theories of Dr. Robert Young, a scientist who has spent years studying how foods positively and negatively affect the body. This book provides a comprehensive view of Dr. Young's research on the advantages of an alkalarian diet and is a wonderful tool to help anyone get back on the road to good health.

About the Author

Robert O. Young, PH.D., D. Sc. has devoted his life to research into the causes of "Disease", and to helping people rebalance their health and well-being. His mission is to create a greater understanding of the necessity for correct acid-alkaline balance in the body, based on healthy lifestyle, diet, and nutritional supplementation.


  ""This book is really good to have on your shelf as a reference when faced with sickness of any kind. The information is priceless!" -- Patricia

 "This is THE BEST book about how and why your health deteriorates and what you can do about it to fix it. You don't need any other book. This one has everything!" -- KE

 "Fantastic book. In the present moment where there is a constant fear of germs and bacteria, this is a great book to understand that our battle with the microorganisms is already lost. The terrain is everything and this is the perfect book to understand it." -- Eva

"Incredible book. Highly recommend it for those looking to improve their health. It would be very difficult to live by the diet they recommend, but it is good to be aware of what foods really do to our terrain." - Charlie 

"I love this book, especially the part explaining "terrain theory" and why this information has been largely withheld from the general public. Sick and Tired? explains the difference between "terrain theory" and "germ theory" and the importance of maintaining a healthy inner terrain for optimal health. I recommend this book." -- Kate M.